Du Health Center (2024)

1. Health & Counseling Center

  • DU & Community Support

  • The University of Denver Health & Counseling Center is your on-campus integrated health and counseling facility providing quality physical and mental health care services to all actively enrolled DU students other than those in completely online programs.

2. Medical Services | Student Affairs - University of Denver

  • Yes, the HCC offers full primary care, sexual and reproductive healthcare, urgent care, sports medicine, and gender-affirming care in a trauma-informed ...

  • Yes, the HCC offers full primary care, sexual and reproductive healthcare, urgent care, sports medicine, and gender-affirming care in a trauma-informed environment to all eligible DU students, both graduate and undergraduate. Schedule online here or by calling 303-871-2205.

3. Wellness Center | Dominican University

4. Health Services - Duquesne University

  • On-Campus Clinical Health Services · Acute and chronic disease and illness state management; injury care · Preventative medical care and annual wellness exams ( ...

  • We are committed to:

5. Academic & Administrative: Health & Counseling Center (HCC)

  • The Health & Counseling Center provides a wide range of medical and mental health services. All students enrolled for academic credit may use the HCC.

6. University of Denver Health and Counseling Center - Healthgrades

  • University of Denver Health and Counseling Center is a medical group practice located in Denver, CO that specializes in Physician Assistant (PA).

7. University Of Denver Health And Counseling Center - Webmd Doctor

8. Counseling Center Referral System

  • You have reached the University of Denver online referral service where you may search our online Community Provider Database for a mental health provider ...

9. University of Denver Health and Counseling Center - Foursquare

  • College and University, Medical Center, and Mental Health Clinic · University. Closed until 8:00 AM tomorrow. Category icon. 2240 Buchtel Blvd # 3N, Denver, ...

  • College and University in Denver, CO

10. DU Health Center - Kestrel Design Group

  • DU Health Center. the power of healing. Coming soon. LOCATION Denver, Colorado. MARKET. Medical. SIZE 10,000 SF. SCOPE. Architecture.

  • Kestrel Design Group is a full-service Colorado based architectural and interior design firm. We're your strategic partner that specializes in visualizing engaging interiors and creative solutions.

11. University of Denver Student Health and Counseling Center (HCC ...

  • The University of Denver Student Health Service began in October 1945 with the appointment of Dr. Frank O. Robertson as the first full-time Health Director ...

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12. Healthy Beginnings at the University of Denver - the world on one campus

  • Jan 17, 2024 · Let's delve into the comprehensive health services offered at DU, shedding light on the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), the ...

  • Navigating Healthcare, Insurance, and Wellness as an International Student  Health is wealth, they say, and as an international student at the University of Denver (DU), understanding the intr…

Du Health Center (2024)


Is Denver Health a federally qualified health center? ›

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) are required to track and report quality of care indicators through the Bureau of Primary Health Care. Denver Health reports indicators for each of its community clinics and benchmarks when possible against HEDIS 75th percentile.

Who runs Denver Health? ›

Denver Health's CEO is Donna Lynne, DrPH. The hospital was previously a component of the Denver government under the Denver Department of Health and Hospitals.

What is Denver Health known for? ›

Denver Health is a national leader in emergency and trauma care.

What is the mission statement of Denver Health Medical Center? ›

Denver Health Mission

Provide all in our community with access to the highest quality and equitable health care regardless of their ability to pay. Educate the next generation of health care professionals serving our community.

What is Denver Health ranked in the nation? ›

Denver Health ranked No. 2 in US among academic medical centers (May 2023) The Lown Institute recently ranked Denver Health among the most socially responsible hospitals in the nation for the third straight year.

What is the largest healthcare system in Denver? ›

HealthONE is one of the region's largest and most comprehensive healthcare systems. Together, our network of hospitals, doctors and colleagues throughout Metro Denver and the Rocky Mountain region work together to create healthier tomorrows for our community.

Is Denver Health Level 1? ›

Denver Health is one of the nation's leading Level 1 Trauma Centers, with one of the highest survival rates in the country for the most severe injuries.

Who is the new CEO of Denver Health? ›

Donna Lynne, DrPH, is the Chief Executive Officer for Denver Health and Hospital Authority, a $1.4b community-based clinic and hospital system, providing 1.2 m patient visits a year. DHHA also operates a health plan and operates 19 school-based clinics and 10 ambulatory clinics as well as public health services.

What type of facility is Denver Health? ›

Identification and Characteristics
Name and Address:Denver Health Main Campus 777 Bannock Street Denver, CO 80204
Type of Facility:Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control:Governmental, State
Total Staffed Beds:466
Total Patient Revenue:$3,465,500,663
9 more rows

Why is Colorado the healthiest? ›

Colorado's commitment to an active lifestyle may have a positive impact on hormone health. Regular exercise, such as hiking, biking, and skiing, helps regulate hormone production and circulation, reducing the risk of imbalances associated with many of the most prevalent health that are running rampant today.

Is Denver Health for profit? ›

Denver Health Foundation is an independent, privately governed, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that raises and manages private funds for the benefit of the Denver Health and Hospital Authority.

How many beds does Denver Health have? ›

How big is Denver Health? ›

Denver Health Medical Center is a 340-bed city hospital where the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has an 11-bed inpatient service providing acute rehabilitation, including multiple trauma and brain injury.

How many people work for Denver Health? ›

Lynne's health care and governing experience are integral in her leadership ethos at Denver Health, where she oversees the direction of the health system and its 7,800 employees.

What is an example of a federally qualified health center? ›

A few examples of FQHC include: Community Health Centers. Migrant Health Centers. Health Care for the Homeless Health Centers.

How many FQHCs are there in Colorado? ›

189 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Colorado | CareListings.

Is Denver Health a government entity? ›

In 1997 the City of Denver established the Denver Health and Hospital Authority as an independent entity from its longstanding city governorship.

Is Denver Health and Hospital Authority a state or local government? ›

There is hereby created the Denver health and hospital authority, which shall be a body corporate and a political subdivision of the state, which shall not be an agency of the state or local government, and which shall not be subject to administrative direction or control by any department, commission, board, bureau, ...


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