Which of the answer choices has the highest investment risk? (2024)

Which of the answer choices has the highest investment risk?

The stock has the highest level of risk. Stocks: Buying a stock is taking a piece of ownership in the company, and the profits depend on how well the company is doing. Higher investments accompany higher risk, and thus, stocks involve greater risk as it profits margins solely depend on companies profitability.

What has the highest investment risk?

The 10 Riskiest Investments
  1. Options. An option allows a trader to hold a leveraged position in an asset at a lower cost than buying shares of the asset. ...
  2. Futures. ...
  3. Oil and Gas Exploratory Drilling. ...
  4. Limited Partnerships. ...
  5. Penny Stocks. ...
  6. Alternative Investments. ...
  7. High-Yield Bonds. ...
  8. Leveraged ETFs.

Which of the following investments has the highest risk?

The stock has the highest level of risk. Stocks: Buying a stock is taking a piece of ownership in the company, and the profits depend on how well the company is doing. Higher investments accompany higher risk, and thus, stocks involve greater risk as it profits margins solely depend on companies profitability.

Which of these investing options has the highest risk?

The Bottom Line

Equities and real estate generally subject investors to more risks than do bonds and money markets. They also provide the chance for better returns, requiring investors to perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine where their money is best held.

What is the riskiest type of investment quizlet?

Mutual funds are the riskiest type of investment. The difference between a chosen investment and one that is passed up is _____.

Which of the following investments has the highest risk and highest return?

Stocks. Stocks are the riskiest financial securities among all the securities mentioned in the question. Because of this, the potential rate of return for stocks is the largest.

Which of the four investment types has the highest level of risk?

For many financial goals, investing in a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash can be a good strategy. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the three major asset categories. Stocks - Stocks have historically had the greatest risk and highest returns among the three major asset categories.

What is at risk investment?

If everything that has been invested in the company is from your own funds, and therefore any loss by the company comes out of your own pocket (and is not covered for you by someone else), then it is likely that all of the investment is at risk.

Why are options high risk?

Options contracts are considered risky due to their complex nature, but investors who know how options work can reduce their risk. Various risk levels expose investors to loss of premiums, gains, and market value loss.

Which funds have the highest risk associated?

List of High Risk Risk Mutual Funds in India
Fund NameCategoryRisk
HDFC Dynamic PE Ratio FoF FundOtherHigh
ICICI Prudential Asset Allocator FundOtherHigh
SBI Conservative Hybrid FundHybridHigh
LIC MF Gold ETF FoF FundOtherHigh
7 more rows

Are options considered high risk?

Options can be high-risk instruments, so it's important to closely monitor your investments and understand how much risk you're taking on at any given time.

Which type of bond is the riskiest investment?

High-yield bonds face higher default rates and more volatility than investment-grade bonds, and they have more interest rate risk than stocks. Emerging market debt and convertible bonds are the main alternatives to high-yield bonds in the high-risk debt category.

What are low and high-risk investments?

Low-risk investments give lower returns, but losses are also rare. High-risk investments have the potential for high returns, but these returns are not guaranteed.

Which investment has high return and low-risk?

Money market accounts, certificates of deposit, cash management accounts and high yield savings accounts all carry FDIC insurance. Treasury bills, notes and bonds are backed by the U.S. government, making them another low-risk investment option.

What are some high-risk choices that people make?

The most common high-risk behaviors include violence, alcoholism, tobacco use disorder, risky sexual behaviors, and eating disorders.

What are the two types of investment risk?

Types of Financial Risk. Every saving and investment action involves different risks and returns. In general, financial theory classifies investment risks affecting asset values into two categories: systematic risk and unsystematic risk. Broadly speaking, investors are exposed to both systematic and unsystematic risks.

Are bonds high-risk?

Bonds in general are considered less risky than stocks for several reasons: Bonds carry the promise of their issuer to return the face value of the security to the holder at maturity; stocks have no such promise from their issuer.

What is asset or investment risk?

Investment risk is the chance that you don't achieve the return you expected - including the possibility of losing some or all of your invested funds. The main types of investment risk are systematic and unsystematic risk.

What is the at risk amount?

A taxpayer's at-risk amounts include: (1) the amount of money and the adjusted basis of property that the taxpayer contributes to the activity, and (2) amounts borrowed with respect to the activity to the extent that the taxpayer is personally liable or has pledged property other than that used in the activity as ...

Which option strategy has the most risk?

Selling call options on a stock that is not owned is the riskiest option strategy. This is also known as writing a naked call and selling an uncovered call.

Which is more risky stocks or options?

In the same way, if you know something about futures and options, you would know that they are derivatives. They are also instruments of leverage, and so, riskier than stock trading.

What is the most risky option position?

Naked selling of put options can be quite dangerous in the event of a steep fall in the price of a stock. The option seller is forced to buy the stock at a certain price. However, the lowest the stock can drop to is zero, so there is a floor to the losses.

Which fund is more riskier?

Also, equity funds have the potential to generate significant returns over a period. Hence, the risk associated with these funds also tends to be comparatively higher.

What are the riskiest financial assets?

Stocks are generally considered to be riskier than bonds, cash alternatives and commodities. While both bonds and cash alternatives offer the investor a promised rate of return, stocks offer no such guarantee.

Which fund has the lowest risk level?

U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds

Historically, the U.S. has always paid its debts, which helps to ensure that Treasurys are the lowest-risk investments you can own. There are a wide variety of maturities available.


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